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  1. So my oven has a timer on it. So if I’m baking let’s say some chicken and put it in the oven first. Then set the oven temperature and timer is that okay? Or do I need to wait until the oven is preheated first and then stick my chicken in there?

    • Preheating the oven is always the best way. You can gauge the cooking time more accurately. No one wants under cooked chicken. Preheating can be a pain, but it is worth it in the end. Especially if you are baking cookies or cupcakes.

      • Yes, I totally agree. When I first started baking I often wondered why my cookies and cakes were never throughly cooked. I always disregarded the pre-heat instructions because I was always in a rush. Once I realized the importance of pre-heating, all of my baked goods and the other foods I cooked always came out better, plus; it ensures your food is properly cooked.

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